An American Family by Khizr Khan

An inspiring story and a definite must read.

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There is more to this man and this family than what unfolded after the 2016 DNC speech. In this book, we learn more about Mr. Khan, his upbringing, and how and why he came to America. This is his story.

It started with our Declaration of Independence which inspired him as a young college student. Then, he had the good fortune to work with warm and generous American co-workers who represented the best of American values to him. American values that he felt were shaped by a country who valued equality; a country whose people created and held to the ideals of a document such as our Declaration of Independence.  It was because of these people that he decided to pursue his higher education in America–at Harvard! Impressive.

His story details the journey from Pakistani immigrant to American citizen.  It is a story of hard work, to provide for his family, and sacrifice to earn his Harvard degree. Not only his sacrifice, but, Mrs. Khan’s as well. I found myself wishing I could hear from Ghazala. I would love to read her story. She has a rich family history and I would like to know more about her upbringing and what drew her to Khizr Khan. She is an intelligent and educated woman, what sacrifices did she make for her family and for her husband, so he could further his education? She may choose to guard her privacy, which I understand, but, I believe her voice would be heard and if she ever chose to share her story, I’m sure many, myself included, would love to read about it.

This is not a political book, this is a memoir, as the subtitle states “…Of Hope And Sacrifice” and their sacrifices extend beyond an education. We all remember that their son, Captain Humayun Khan, sacrificed his life to save others. They are a Gold Star family…  “An American Family”.

I didn’t share too many details of his story because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read this book yet, but it’s a story worth taking the time to read. For Khizr Khan, America is not just a land of opportunity, it is a land of freedom and equality because of our laws–laws based on our Constitution, which he holds in high esteem.

I found this book to be an emotional and inspirational read and it has moved me to set a personal challenge for myself to read more Immigrant Experience Literature in 2018.


6 thoughts on “An American Family by Khizr Khan

  1. From what little I know of the Khans from the news theirs must be an inspiring true life story. I do think we all need hope of the quality of theirs to get us through these darkening days, wherever in the world we live.

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  2. It really was inspiring! And we all need to hold onto hope. Theirs was also a story of hard work and sacrifice to provide a future for their family. And, as an American, their son gave the ultimate sacrifice. I’m so glad I picked this one up!

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