Today in History 1973

Pearl S. Buck passed away when she was almost 80 years old.

She is most famously known for her Pulitzer prize winning novel The Good Earth, but she wrote many other works as well, both fiction and non fiction, including biographies of her parents: The Exile and Fighting Angel.

She also ardently supported adoption and went on to adopt 6 children in her lifetime. She fought injustice and racism by opening Welcome House, an interracial adoption agency.  At that time mixed race children were not considered “adoptable” and she brought attention to the needs of those children by openly criticizing the adoption process at that time. She did more than talk about it though and provided real help in real ways with the formation of Welcome House. At that time this was probably a bold and difficult move, but she was determined and didn’t give up. Interestingly, Welcome House, which became the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, still exists today and continues to support children in many different ways.

She was a writer and humanitarian who raised both awareness and support to the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. You can read more about her life here, or better yet, sink your teeth into a good biography of her.

She did so much more in her life than pen The Good Earth, although definitely a work to be proud of. Hers was a life well lived in giving  and service to others.  What greater legacy can someone leave behind?

What do you think of Pearl S. Buck? Did you know of her humanitarian work? Has she helped you or inspired you in any way? Tell me in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Today in History 1973

  1. Too funny! I am just starting to find out who she was as a person and she seems pretty amazing. Her novel is pretty great too, sad but eye opening.


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