Weekend Poem to Consider: ‘New Year: A Dialogue’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Happy New year!

I hope 2016 has been treating everyone well so far. I also hope that 2015 was a good year for everyone. I’m sure it was momentous for some and simple and serene for others. I also realize that there are many who may have had a difficult year and are ready for a fresh start.

I wish everyone good cheer, hope, success, good health and mostly love in 2016. I thought this poem was very sweet and encouraging. I like that it offers hope and encouragement to someone in poor health and pain. To the person who doesn’t expect much to change and who may be growing cynical and bitter ‘The New Year’ is actively reaching out with a beautiful message of hope and love. The key lesson is to open our hearts to love and in doing so, we invite health, peace and beautiful blessings into our life.

I hope 2016 is filled with much love for everyone! I hope we are all surrounded by family and friends and enjoy good health. To me, this is what real prosperity and true blessings look like. In the end, what more could we ask for?

Happy New Year!

New Year: A Dialogue – by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“The night is cold, the hour is late, the world is bleak and drear;
Who is it knocking at my door?”

“I am Good Cheer.”

“Your voice is strange; I know you not; in shadows dark I grope.
What seek you here?”

“Friend, let me in; my name is Hope.”

“And mine is Failure; you but mock the life you seek to bless. Pass on.”

“Nay, open wide the door; I am Success.”

“But I am ill and spent with pain; too late has come your wealth. I cannot use it.”

“Listen, friend; I am Good Health.”

“Now, wide I fling my door. Come in, and your fair statements prove.”

“But you must open, too, your heart, for I am Love.”


One thought on “Weekend Poem to Consider: ‘New Year: A Dialogue’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  1. That is the trick then isn’t it? How to overcome the cynicism that infects one based on disappointments and I’ll events that have happened ‘to’ one in the previous year… and reach out in hope and expectation for what blessings and benefits are waiting ‘for’ one in the New Year.
    Shaking off the past, we press forward in hope. -KIA

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