‘The Wolves of Andover’ or ‘The Traitor’s Wife’: One and the same

This past weekend my husband and I went to a second hand bookstore and while browsing through the fiction section I found two other novels by Kathleen Kent: The Traitor’s Wife and The Wolves of Andover.  I almost bought both books on the spot because I loved The Heretics Daughter, but because I’m already several books behind I decided to wait.

Both books seemed to be about a young Martha Allen, before she married Thomas Carrier, but the title The Traitor’s Wife drew me in immediately because it promised to be about Thomas Carrier and his mysterious past. In The Heretics Daughter, we know that he was a soldier, a Cromwell supporter and was quite possibly the executioner of King Charles! And I wanted to know more about him and his story.

It turns out that the book was originally released under the title The Wolves of Andover and the title was changed to The Traitor’s Wife when it was released on paperback. Who knew? I almost bought two copies the same book- just retitled!

Original Release

Retitled for paperback release

This promises to be a very good book and the title change may be significant. It tells the story of how it all began for Martha and Thomas- and how he saves her from a pack of wolves! There is actually more to the story than this;  I haven’t read the book yet but I know that “wolves” may mean more than just hungry animals in the woods…

Kent also delves into the history of the English Civil War and the part Thomas played in this event, which could be the reason for the title change. Puritans, royalists and politics… It sounds great! She is a wonderful writer and storyteller and I’m looking forward to reading this prequel to The Heretics Daughter in 2016. That’s right, I’m going back to the bookstore to pick up a copy.

I’m not sure why they changed the title, but I actually like the title The Traitor’s Wife better. What do you think?

What other books had a title change when released on paperback? Did the title change make a difference to you?

Tell me in the comments below.


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