Reviewing ‘My Organic Life’ by Nora Pouillon

Welcome to My Book-a-Logue.

This will be a travelogue if you will of the books I’m reading, what I have liked or disliked, what I have learned and any other “bookish” experiences that I think would be interesting enough to share.

I’m starting this blog out with a review of Nora Pouillon’s My Organic Life, a book I recently finished, but also one that reflects what I would like to become personally. I definitely want to live as organic a life as possible. Because my husband and I are making strides towards this in our own life, I found Nora’s story both motivating and inspiring.

From a Child in War Torn Europe

The author grew up in Austria during WW II, learning to eat local, fresh and seasonal as a way of life. Her parents taught her to eat what was fresh, simple and nutritious, as well as the value of exercising and staying active as a part of a healthy lifestyle. She also learned to dance and ski as a child. Nora never stopped enjoying or pursuing these interests. These were some of the early lessons that she would carry throughout her life.

A Wife and Mother in America

Later, moving to America as a young bride, she discovered that the food she found there was anything but fresh or seasonal at the time. It was tasteless, lifeless and of little nutritional value. So Nora began to seek out local markets with fresh produce with which to feed her family well and on a budget. This would become a lifelong passion for her.

Having organized dinner parties for friends because she enjoyed cooking, and at a time when she wanted a career with her marriage in trouble, she started passing out flyers for cooking classes which she would teach in her home. In time, one of her students recommended her as the perfect person to help some friends open a restaurant in a bed and breakfast they were starting.

To a Successful Business Woman

This was a great opportunity and one that would help launch a successful and satisfying career, ultimately leading to her making a difference in the way many people view food today. In fact, she actually founded the nation’s first ever all organic restaurant.

… and Food Educator

Nora’s efforts would initially help bring awareness to others of where our food comes from and how it’s grown. At that time choosing to buy local, seasonal and organic was considered more “hippie” than it is today.

As one example of her desire to educate people, on the backs of the menus in her restaurant she provided the names of the local farmers she worked with and explained why she was choosing organic. Basically speaking, she has become well known by simply living a life doing what she loves and believes is best for her family and others.

Personal Application

I found ‘My Organic Life’ easy to read and very conversational. It’s the story of an ordinary woman following her passion and finding success along the way. But the things that really stand out most of all for me when I read this wonderful book are what I consider to be 4 key points to her success:

  • Making friends
  • Working hard
  • Being open to new opportunities
  • Pursuing what your most passionate about

Pursue Passion

We may never know where life will take us, but if we have good friends in our life, remain open to fresh opportunities as they present themselves, and are willing to work hard and persevere through difficult times, we may just accomplish more than we ever dreamed of. And we may also end up making a difference to those around us as we do.

This book was so enjoyable because I believe in what she was doing and has accomplished. I really liked that she chose “organic” when it wasn’t necessarily popular or even common and that she was using what she was learning by translating and applying it with her own unique style to her menus. Her story made me want to try different ethnic markets and learn to cook with new ingredients. Nora’s success story is something I really liked and personally aspire to: pursuing a passion for organically healthy eating and living.

The Next Step

Have you read this book? Are you passionate about food and the organic lifestyle?What would you add to the story? What about your own story? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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